Brighton Comedy Festival welcomed Milton Jones with open arms. The audience was awash with anticipation as they waited for the show to begin. Theatre seats filled up quickly as groups rushed to sit down. Just a minute of Jones’ show contains too much to miss. The genius behind Jones’ humour resides in skilful linguistic manipulation […]

Capturing the Brontës: Charlotte Cory brings animals to Brontë Parsonage Featuring Visitorian cartes-de-visites with a bizarre twist, Charlotte Cory, one of the country’s leading surreal photographic artists, has successfully managed to destabilise 19th century photographs by replacing the original heads with those of animals. Cory aims to explore the visceral spirit of the Brontë sisters. […]

Weird things about Japan Another interesting project that I researched while on the travel desk at the Daily Telegraph was weird things about Japan. Apparently this is a hot topic as it received around 288,000 views. Researching Japan was an eye opener for me as I had almost no previous knowledge about the country! Their […]

The world’s weirdest food festivals While I was working on the travel desk of the Daily Telegraph I was involved in researching the world’s weirdest food festivals. It was interesting to see how people around the world love to celebrate food. There’s no denying that food is an incredible part of everyday life, however I’m […]


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